About Us

Ka-CHOW!!! (attention-grabber that has nothing to do with us)
When it comes to competitive activities involving skill or chance on the part of two or more persons playing according to a set of rules, usually for their own amusement, we have come up with a simple, yet eloquent (and much shorter) term to describe said activities: "GAMES." We're unable to verify whether we're the first to use that term...
Strategery Games is all about games, entertainment, and adventure. Some gaming sites are evil, and discriminate against certain kinds of games by withholding coverage and discussing only a certain niche.
Not at Strategery Games. We are equal opportunity gamers, and will not participate in the fascist views of sites that make a distinction against games based on the genre, graphics, or platform to which that game belongs, rather than on individual merit. We'd like to hear about the games YOU are currently playing, not just the flavor of the month.
Three more things you should know about Strategery Games:
  • "Strategery" is pronounced "strə-TEE-jər-ee"
  • The definition of "strategery" is "the art of kicking butt and taking names."
  • We'd like to hear about the games YOU are currently playing. Join the international conspiracy by registering on our boards, posting comments, questions, reviews, tutorials, how-to's, deep thoughts (or even shallow ones), and we'll get a good conversation going (or possibly stop one that wasn't quite working). We look forward to seeing you!

Contact Information:
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